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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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i couldn't help but think about the fact that the president of the united states -- don't be mistaken about this. if we don't accomplish anything in this lousy several weeks of this battle, make sure your neighbors understand that the reason that veterans couldn't visit their memorials is that the president of the united ordered the office of management of budget to order the park miserable make life for any american using our parks, anybody who wanted to go to those memorials. the park police said it. we have been told to make life miserable, the one lady said. she probably is not working at the park service anymore. the president of the united states, on his orders, had the fence told around though wwii
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memorial. he will not hold a fence at the southern border to keep out illegal immigrants. keep up our veterans. he will do that. [applause] if my father were alive today, i would not be here giving this speech. jailld be down at the d.c. putting of the bail to get him out of jail. how much more from this bitter cup do we have to drink? how much more? the pew research poll showed a few months ago that the majority of the american people now believe that our liberty is in jeopardy. him.rom not see is
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not from communism or radical islam although i could certainly make that case. they think liberty is at risk from their own government. a lot of americans might be confused about the events of the last two weeks. on this they agree with us. they know government is too big. they know it more and more encroaches on our liberty. issa said we are entering a time of love my country but fear my government. my old boss, ronald reagan, once said to the chagrin of the leftist elite, we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around. in my travels around the country, i talked to a lot of people like you. i talked to lots of people in
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different walks of life. i am hearing this over and over again. growing sense of unease, the feeling that we are over an abyss, that something terrible is going to happen. i was on a website not too long ago when a young catholic father went online to share a story. he had taken his son's to mass s to mass that sunday. he was watching his boys kneeling and praying and suddenly a wave of nausea came across him. he realized if he continued to do what his parish priest told him to do, which was to raise up his children with godly values, to follow the scripture, if he continued to do that, he was s forbly preparing his son
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prison. then he wrote this. troubled talking about times ahead for my grandchildren's children and some possible children. . am talking about my kids persecution is close. " " wroteal george in chicago the following. "i says -- i expect to die in bed. my successor will die in prison." i believe it is possible his successor will die a martyr in the public square are here in
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.hicago a bishop, a chicago of the catholic church said that. . our founders would not recognize the country. if they were in washington, it would be overwhelming to them the power that is vested into residency. how muchd marvel at our liberties are shrinking. this is a country that has so many scientific advances. we are searching for the smallest particle of matter that composes all things. i suspect we will find it. thean aim our telescopes at furthest regions of the universe and pick up lights that are beyond our imagination. he cannot, as a nation, see
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anymore the creator that made those things. the god that gave us our liberty is a smaller and smaller part of our national life. the one thing that is imperative as this conference goes on to the weekend and eventually you go home is that you not leave here full of despair. i am not full of despair. vets can stand up with this kind of -- to this kind of mean-spiritedness that hovers us, are we going to stand up to it? there are times we have not -- wings we have not tried in this battle. been disobedience may have .- may be necessary
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if middle america ever gets up one morning and says, this far and no further, you are not pushing me anymore, that day will be a new day in america, right? [applause] let me leave you with some words from ronald reagan in a speech best knownn florida for the fact that he called the soviet union the best known in the modern world. people came down on him. evil? that.n't say the president was speaking about communism. apply his words today. reagan said the following. i believe we shall rise to the challenge. believe communism is another sad bizarre chapter in human
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history whose last pages are even now being written. thelieve this because source of our strength and the quest for human freedom is not material, but is spiritual. it knows no limitation. must ultimately triumph over those who would enslave their fellow man. for the words of isaiah, he gives power to the faint and to them who have no might, he increases the restraint that they wait upon the lord to renew their strength. they shall mount up with wings beeagles and ron and not weary. ladies and gentlemen, i am not ever -- and run and not be weary. 80s and gentle man, i am not weary. gentlemen,ladies and i am not weary.
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we will reclaim america as a shining city on a hill. bless you. thank you very much. never give up. [applause] >> thank you, gary. thank you so very much. i always enjoy when he has to share each year. gentlemen, coming now is the former president of concerned women for america. also served as president of the culture campaign. for 10 years, she hosted her own radio talk show in chicago. it has one bank several awards, including the windy 10 radio personality of the year award by the national religious rod casters. today, she is a fox -- religious
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broadcasters. today, she is a fox news contributor. will you please welcome to the rios., sandy ♪ >> thank you. how are you doing? it is time for your nap. it is my job to wake you up. he has told me all you know of -- you need to know about me, so i will see you later. the american family association 190 stations. we do not have a person here in d.c. fa at a lot of meetings. we have a journal. ago, the sclc
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decided we are a hate group. they sent a letter. to knowwhat i want you today. this letter went out this week. this is a letter from the southern poverty law center and .l.a.a.d. and every congressperson -- and they wrote to every congressperson slated to speak. they say, we understand you are slated to speak at the upcoming value voters summit. lies spreadmonizing tothe host, we urge you not land the prestige of your office to the summit. every single congressperson and
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every senator you have heard have received this letter and a warning from these groups. they warned us that raines chairman andrnc the party of lincoln -- they want to know where the party of lincoln stands on vilifying the-vi lgbt community. it is a dangerous time to be a christian conservative. they are running ads against randy forbes trying to disparage him for being part of the american families association banquet today and for being here. there are threats being made. we all know that a little more
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, a man came into the offices of the family research council because he had looked on the southern poverty law center's website and found hate groups and gone into the building with the idea he would ofmit mass murder with a bag a sandwiches they would stuff -- he was stuffed into their mouths. the southern poverty law center has refused to apologize or express regret and they have names ofo remove the the family research council and the american family association on their list -- from their list of hate groups. we know there are people on the left that our french groups. they do not have much influence and they are free to hate, even in this country.
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they may tell you something about why this is important. the southern poverty law center sounds great. it has always had a history of helping people in the civil rights movement. they have had a good reputation. that is what people think they do. that is not really what they do. they were founded in 1971 by attorneys morris deeds and joseph levine, jr. books,re selling cook door, and tractor seat cushions. s became a top fundraiser for mcgovern and kennedy. allegedly, the story goes, he was able to get the mailing list from these candidates to springboard the funding efforts weree organization, which very successful. the southern poverty law center has millions of dollars in
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lotsng and endowments and of offshore accounts. the american institute of philanthropy has given an f sclc. to the splc. they are out to destroy people like you. hate is a cottage industry. that's me give you an idea of some of the things they do. of 1000 18 map groups -- 1018 groups. crime, theics on hate crimes between 1996 and 2011 decreased by 29%. at the number of hate groups the by 60%.e
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when law enforcement looked into this list, they found that many of these groups do not exist. they are not to be trusted. the reason i am spending so much time telling you about them is that they are used as a resource by the department of homeland security, the justice department, the federal bureau of investigation, the pentagon and thousands of local law enforcement agencies. they conduct trainings all over the country informing these groups of who the haters are. we are on that list. last night, i received a photo in the mail. i will tell you what this is. this is a training for military men. it was a candid photo taken by soldiers. it shows a screenshot that they are doing this training in the military. it says, american family association. fredto it is friend --
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phelps. but hems to be a pastor, is a absolute disgrace. he says god hates -- nothing to do with any of us here or any of the efforts of the frc. that is who they put in the american family association. he goes to protest at funerals. it is interesting to me and if you are in the fbi and you lie , let's say you misreport your time card or misrepresent, you can be fired for that. the fbi is looking to the southern poverty law center, which is nothing but the verifications and lies. it is amazing to me and it is disgusting and disgraceful.
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this point, the southern poverty law center, that wonderful civil rights group who cares more about going after and discrediting and suing christians than they do about protecting the rights of african-americans, has absolutely no remorse about what happened at frc. they refuse to apologize. they have no remorse whatsoever. they came after tony perkins. has been valiant in his fight. they are trying to demonize him everywhere he goes. made thisent of afa istement about what the splc doing. they have taken snippets of comments of american family association personnel, distorted their meaning, and used these snippets to paint a false picture of afa.
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the american family association does not hate anyone. we love everyone, including homosexuals, enough to tell them the truth about the moral and spiritual dangers of homosexual conduct. he goes on to talk about what made america great. we stand for errors and the family and public policy centered about -- we stand for marriage and the family and public policy centered on the family. it is a dangerous time to be a christian conservative. homosexuality has arguably become the most dangerous issue to discuss publicly, to write about. ande are death threats unbelievable things happening when you stand up. i could spend a long time telling you about it, starting with anita bryant. people are scared to talk about this.
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there are lives at stake. i will tell you what i mean. i think that american voters and american politicians are where americans were on the issue of abortion in the 19 80s. in 1973 when roe versus wade was passed, there were not that many people in favor of abortion. .eople were appalled in the 1970s and 1980s, there was this all out how began the push. walter cronkite lied about the back alleyo-called abortions. he perpetuated that myth. they made it sound as if it was just a blob of tissue. i have been to pro-life gatherings where someone strange would be in the room. i remember sitting next to a person like that. all of the national media cameras came to that person and they were focused on that
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person. they did not capture any mom and dad in the room. no children. that was the face of the pro- life movement. the 1980s, it was just anathema to be pro-life for a politician. the republican party decided it needed a we tend. -- it needed a big tent. conservatives continue to talk about what was true. eventually, the facts caught up with what the reality was. with the advent of ultrasound and the debate over partial- birth abortion and the whole about the horrible abortion clinics, mines have been changed. most of the republican congressman servant -- congressman -- congressmen
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serving our pro-life. homosexuality where we were on abortion in the 1980s. all we know is what we hear from television in the media and in hollywood. thate these glossy movies are airbrushed. we see these decorating shows. many of us have gay people in our families. person in your family and to say you understand what is going on is like saying you have a cousin who is a doctor. we are fighting a barrage of top agenda. there is punishment if you speak out and say, i am not quite sure that is right. the justice department, a memo just went out to managers saying you must not speak against homosexuality. silence is not enough. you must affirm.
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you cannot talk about relationships in terms of man and wife. you have to talk about partner. when you are at the water cooler, be sure we are listening to your conversations. you think it is not a hard, difficult time to be a christian conservative at justice? you that it is. our kids have grown up in an onolute ocean of propaganda homosexuality. in the 1980s there was the rainbow curriculum that started .n new york there are all these projects to talk about hate. our kids are the product of the propaganda talking -- taught in the public schools. when i read the republican autopsy report in which they suggested that we suggested -- in which they suggested we need to alter our viewpoint on this
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because our kids are not where we are and we are going to lose them if we are not quiet on this, i have more to say about that. everybody knows about matthew shepard. matthew shepard was murdered in a number of years ago. he was murdered prudently. there is no happiness about that. there is no happiness about hate. do not misunderstand or misquote me. we're talking about the distortion of information. matthew shepard was a young gay man who was brutally murdered by two other young men. the story was they murdered him because he was gay and he became a martyr for the gay movement. the hate crimes bill was passed with his name attached to it. bill clinton jumped all over this. the new york times ran with a story and told us all kinds of eggs about matthew shepard. they created a play called the
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shown, project that was it still is, in high schools. wait a second. it was not true. it wasn't true. book came outat a last week written by a gay author. either way, this book was featured in the advocate, which is arguably the nation's most influential gay publication. now we know the story was a complete fraud. .atthew shepard was gay matthew shepard was murdered by these two boys. it was a drug deal gone bad. therding to this author and police records show some of this, but you never heard about this, not in the media. matthew shepard cheated them on a drug deal, at least they thought he had. they actually had sex with him. they were not upset that he was
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gay. they also were either gay or bisexual. this is part of the story. the fairy tale was spun around the tragic life of matthew .hepard it was lies, all lies. does that remind you of any other story that was spun over any other issue? roe versus wade. i will not go into it. the story that was the foundation of the laws that made abortion legal for all nine months were lies, prevarications. we have the same thing in the story of matthew shepard. i will tell you what else americans do not know about. i was debating this on television a lot. the one thing i would debate -- yous almost like remember the old movies with dracula. if you ever want to get into a heated debate about sexuality --
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homosexuality, you talk about the health risk. long tonot take too find information that is extremely troubling. the cdc just published 94%-95%ion to say that of new hiv cases among boys and young men are linked to homosexual sex. 94%-95% of hiv cases. also -- also goes on to explore the boys that -- the things that boys do that are health risks. people are not allowed to know about this. the other thing we do not know about is the fact that there is gay movement. did you know that september was month?awareness they are everywhere. the reason you do not hear about
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them is because they are maligned and threatened. i remember when stephen bennett was speaking for us. we wanted him to be on bill o'reilly. tell hisas trying to story about how he had come out and he was married and had children. bill would not let him talk. gay gayt think of an ex- person i have seen on television . have you? gays with tons of ex- fabulous stories and the american people do not even know about that. if we tell the truth about this, we are haters. the people that live, those are the ones that love. optimistic in this regard. it is hard to find optimism in all of this. one of the things that compels me and always has, i do not think you can really care about
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people and not tell them the truth. why would we promote homosexuality so early and not be able to speak about it -- so thoroughly and not be able to speak about it in schools and it puts these lives at risk? because we want to stop that, we are the ones who hate. good is called evil and evil is called good. we are living in an upside down world. it is a dangerous time to be a christian conservative. when americans catch up with the fact on the human and financial cost, they will change their mind about this. know.ust do not i say politicians don't know either. earlier, myiving first iteration in d.c. and cwa,dent of thecwa -- the
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a young woman who was a filmmaker asked if she could spend some time with me. she was not a conservative. she spent time with the gay community. she thought i was an oddity. we did the interview and when it was over she said, i want to talk to you. ofave always been a defender the gay community. i care about them. they are my friends. and seeing so much death heart ache and disease and sadness in this community that i can hardly bear it. thinkot know what to about it anymore. these are the stories you are not hearing. ,hat means just say to the splc two republican leaders who feel cky. subject is just too i maybe you are uncertain yourself
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because you have been so awash in the propaganda of the public. we cannot appease and when voters -- win voters. [applause] we cannot change the truth to please our children. since when do we look to our children for our moral compass? i do not understand this except to say the parents of the 1960s and 1970s were so lost and confused about what they actually believed that they are ill-equipped to teach their children what is true about sexuality. so we have a generation, we have politicians telling us we should listen to our children. if we love them, we should teach them and lead them. we cannot change the truth to please our children. [applause] tocannot change the truth
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stop the criticisms or the attacks from the splc or any of the other groups on this letter. he cannot deny the truth to protect ourselves from financial threats. can we say irs? can we talk about all of the things happening in media and the way people are being destroyed. ? millions of gay men and lesbians are caught in a powerful web of deceit. gay men and women love each other. is, because the love is misplaced, they find themselves in a series of heartbreaking situations. your hearter had broken in a romantic relationship? homosexual life, especially with men, there is so much heartbreak and ejection. you think youth is -- there is
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so much heartbreak and rejection. silent because we care about those people. hearts and costing lives. we will continue to offer homosexual men and hope of redemption and life change, which christian conservatives know all about. we do not say what we say because we are somehow morally superior. ussay this because many of yave had our lives powerfull transformed by the power of jesus christ and we cannot be silent about that. [applause] speak thentinue to truth and offer gay men and women hope of the redemption and life change that we have each experienced through the powerful name of jesus christ.
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thank you so much and may god have mercy on our country and bless america. thank you so much. [applause] ♪ >> coming to introduce our final speaker of the day is the 2011 conservative activist of the year for the state of wisconsin and the program officer of chapter services at the young america's foundation. cortez andome kate soon to be released sophia cortez. [applause] >> it is my great honor and privilege to introduce our next speaker, senator rick santorum,
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former candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. he became known as the voice for conservatives whose voice was not being represented. serving in the u.s. house of representatives from 1991-1995 and the u.s. senate from 1995- 2007, he fought to maintain fiscal sanity in washington, fighting for a balanced budget and a line-item veto. his record as one of the more conservative senators of pennsylvania history has hepired someone to write, was a tea party guy before there was a tea party. he served 8 years on the senate armed services committee, among many other consciousness. of all of his successes, he is most proud of his role as a husband and father. of particular value to myself as
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expectant mom, he wrote and championed legislation that outlaws the heinous procedure known as arsenal board -- partial birth abortion. he has always been a voice for the voiceless. , and reliably defends truth no matter what the consequences. before he takes the stage, present joy a two-minute trailer of his upcoming film, the christmas candle. >> might i offer you some assistance? >> where are you headed? >> i am headed to london. it is christmas with the new minister high and mighty from london.
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forgive my ignorance, but what is the christmas candle. is an old wives tale and a bible story. husbandpraying for a died easter. >> it is high time that we see the light. everyone in keep the light this christmas. >> what is this like? ght.ib >> today marks the dawning of a new age. >> i am not the miracle man you remember. >> they inspire my faith. welcome to this very special
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night. some things cannot be restored. stay, justyou should until christmas. people need hope and you can give it to them. i know just the person to give the candle to this year. ♪ >> a miracle is happening. [applause] >> a true patriot, firm believer in the american dream, and champion of conservative principles.
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please welcome senator rick santorum. ♪ >> thank you. the clock is running. thank you. thank you very much, kate and sophia. did you like the trailer? i am excited in the role that i cholight studios to bring quality entertainment in a very dark world of movies in america today. think about this. it is a christmas movie. it is a movie about the miracle that happens at christmas, not the miracle candle, yes a miracle candle, but what that miracle candle stands for.
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the real true miracle of christmas. think of any movie in the last 40 years that was a christmas movie that came to the hitters hitters -- came to the theaters that had anything to do with the birth of jesus. there isn't any. think about that. christmas after christmas i'm a hollywood gives us fare that has nothing over -- christmas after christmas hollywood gives us nothing to do with christmas. the polls say, the country is moving this way. aristotle said, give me the storytellers and i will control the country in a generation. the storytellers in america today are telling you a very different story than what was
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great grandparents and generations before, who used to be the storytellers in america. now the storyteller is that those screens that try subtly, that try to shift your point of view and throw in cotuit is this an gratuitous that. why did -- throw in gratuitous this and gratuitous that. they slip those little things and to move the american public in your direction. , we have toentlemen start being storytellers, too. we have to understand where the american public is today and what we need to do as believers
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an american first principles, as believers in the american ethic. we have to do a better job in telling our story. there is a lot of talk in washington, d.c. you probably heard it when you came here about how conservatives and republicans have to walk away from certain issues if we want to be successful. we have to change on some of these issues because the polls suggest they are not popular anymore. i do not know about you, but as a leader, i am not here to follow the polls. i am here to shape the polls. [applause] how do we shape the polls? obviously, i have gotten cholight studios and the movies. this movie comes out and there will be a sneak peek that will be available tonight at 7:00 if
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anyone comes to see it. that is just one front. people say, are you getting out of politics? why is a politician involved in hollywood? if liberal actors and producers can get involved in politics, conservative politicians can get involved in hollywood and so can you. [applause] we are looking for folks to be theodore cap just to t --heater theater captives and bring that movie to theaters at christmas time. it is not enough to do the popular culture. we have to do a better job in politics. whether we like it or not, our children and increasingly us are getting our information through these screens. how do they get that information ?
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how do they get us to change our moral code, to erode what we have been taught? through stories. some people say, you are dumbing down. you're not standing up there and giving them the cold, hard facts. stories.e bible is did jesus back away from the truth by telling the story. no, but he communicated to people much more effectively. how many talking points or statistics do you remember from the last heritage paper you read? how many lies can you remember from that last movie you saw? stories stake into our minds and that is how younger americans learn. if you were to turn on c-span 2 -- i was on fox doing a show and i happen to be watching c-span 2. one of the republican senators was up there and right next to
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him was a pie chart. right after that was a line graph. i guarantee you, if you waited for the others to have their chance to speak, they would have charged up, too. it would be pictures and they would be telling stories. we try to tell people why we are right. theytell people understand, they relate, they care. you say, that is softening it. it is not. it is meeting people where they are. that is what we have to do. we have to be better at meeting people where they are and telling stories so that people can understand that what we believe in is true and right. we are at a critical time in amerco his -- american history. it is absolutely true. what is going on in washington,
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d.c. right now. is just partisan squabbling. all washed. it is about the role of government in our lives. [applause] to go back and say, what is this really about? i talked about this during my campaign in 2012, the one where everybody says, all he did was talk about social issues. i talked about founding principles. that is what got in people's ears. i talked about the founding principles on which america is based. it is different from any country in the world. what makes america different? ?hat makes america different my grandfather came to this country. he could have gone to france and spent 50 years in france. after 50 years, would he have been a french man?
6:47 am
no. he came to america and he wanted to accept what america stood for and he became an american. america is not a race. it is a set of ideals and values. gets up andnt obama says he wants to transform america, understand what he means. theeans he wants to take very founding principles of our country, found in the declaration and the constitution, and he wants to transform them into something different. explain to't do is the american public what that is. what makes america different? a lot of tea party folks are standing up and i am glad they did, to introduce the constitution to the american great a the constitution without the declaration can be a very dangerous document. lots of folks have copied our
6:48 am
constitution. nobody has copied our declaration. we are the only country in the history of the world that says "we hold these truths to be self all men are endowed by this right." in america, we believe our rights come from god and not from the government. [applause] we are descendents of the american revolution but there are people in america today you do not want to be those descendents anymore. line of ancestry as corrupt, bigoted, racist. go on down the list of the indictments against america. very different revolution that occurred at
6:49 am
roughly the same time as the american revolution. that was the french revolution. the french revolution was based on equality, liberty, and fraternity, not paternity. they were based on rights coming from the people, your brothers, not from god. anti- an anti-clerical, god revolution. they killed clergy and establish a secular government that turned into mob rules and an emperor that institutionalized the french revolutionary secular rule in europe. that is who they want us to be. in the things they do even now. they are subtle, they are little. they do not hit on most people's radar screens. look at obamacare.
6:50 am
you can say, all they are trying to do is provide cost a section to people who should have access to them. is that all they are trying to do? let's take them at their word. what would be the easiest way to make sure that everybody who wants those pills could have them for free and have complete access to them? .ive them away give them away at pharmacies. at supermarkets. give them away and vending machines. if you want them to be ubiquitous, pay for them and give them away. that is not what they did. was, say to each and every one of you, we will make you do what we tell you to do. they will force you to use your money.
6:51 am
they do not subscribe to the concept of freedom of religion. ,o word they use more often now freedom of worship. to the untrained eye freedom of worship and freedom of religion sound like the same tank, but they are not. if you want to go to your church , look at the obamacare mandates. walk out of the church, even if it is next door to a ministry, you are mine. tellsll do what the state you to do, not what your conscience does. this is a descendent of the french revolution. this is the america they want to transform us to. go look at europe, which is dying. one out of four west european children.- women have every generation, europe is cut
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in half. for every two people, they are having one child. this is the future they see because declining population is a good thing. we are not harming mother earth. to tell me they do not have a religion. it is not the religion most americans believe in. everybody has a religion. that is why they are trying to silence you. the secular religion is ok, but yours is not. gentlemen, i am here at the value voters because , the issues are what you are here to defend and to make sure they are heard on capitol hill. the foundation of this country is the dignity of every human
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life because they are the creation of a loving god. that, it is open season on all of us. the government can do whatever it wants. i tell all of these economic conservatives, you guys are not thinking through this very clearly. you are not thinking through the consequences. of throwing overboard all of these unpopular social issues. you're not thinking through the of the breakdown of the family and the tremendous increase of government spending that comes in every neighborhood where the family is broken. government cannot be limited if families are disintegrating. i am here to say thank you. thank you for being here and standing for the core values of
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our country, for the declaration of independence, for the vision that our founders had of strong communities based on strong families and limited government. why? because we did not need big government. as rainst gets bigger andnd us start to crumble we look for government to help. i am not suggesting barack obama wants to see the economy continued to falter. as president was franklin delano roosevelt. reelectedkept getting in the midst of the depression. unemployment term, went up 25%. he kept getting elected. why? because people were afraid. and things get unstable, people
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are afraid. you canout and said, trust the government to provide that support for you. ladies and gentlemen, we are engaged in a battle for the heart and soul of america. we need to be better and smarter about how we communicate our message. do not back away one inch from what we believe in, not one inch because what we are doing is standing up for the values that made this country the greatest country in the history of the world. there is nothing to be ashamed of? producet we go out and great art, tell stories and communicate with people? why are we always on the defense ? look at us in the popular culture. isservatives, all we do curse the darkness and try to
6:56 am
protect our families from all of the bad stuff thrown out there. why are we doing that? we have the truth. why are we playing defense? [applause] i do not want to hear anybody here apologize for standing up for the truth. for standing up for the dignity of life, the sanctity of marriage, the centrality of the family. is thatlem we have had we have nominated far too many candidates who say they believe those things but, they do not really talk about them, do that? i went to a breakfast in new york when i was thinking of running for president, something that comes to mind every now and then, even today. [applause]
6:57 am
i was with a group of very wealthy people in new york, the big dogs. they asked me question after question. they had already interviewed everybody else. i was the last guy they brought in. they started asking me all of these questions about abortion and marriage. finally i said, did you ask all of these other folks the same question? silence. finally, someone said, no. i said, why not? said,aid, because -- they because of your record. i said, the folks running for president has the exact same position, at least i think they do. why are you questioning me? forward and said, because we know you mean it. [applause]
6:58 am
[cheers and applause] thank you. we will start winning elections when we nominate people that the , they sees our authentic see that they mean it. when you are electing a leader, that is what we are looking for. we are looking someone -- they
6:59 am
are looking for someone they trust, not someone spouting things they think they believe. don't be afraid to stand up and fight for the core american principles. join me at patriot voices. 22 to see theer christmas candle. we will take back this country and we will win. thank you. [applause] ♪ >> in a moment, we will be taking your calls live on followedon journal," by the u.s. house of representatives as the government shutdown continues. next on "washington journal," your calls and today's headlines. we will talk about the government shutdown and strategies by both parties to reopen the government with the president of the center for
7:00 am
urban renewal and education. and the impact of the shutdown on food safety. ♪ host: the house meets at 9:30 this morning. how spate -- house speaker john boehner is scheduled to meet with his caucus. this will be in exchange for negotiations over larger budget issues. that deal, written about in many of the papers today. also about action in the senate with a couple of countering plans. open the government, dealing with the debt limit, and deal with the larger issues of debt and spending. it is october 12, 2013. s


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